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For many years I answered individual email questions - but with an increasing frequency and number every day, it is no longer possible to answer every question individually.

Please consider the purchase of my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye or a Complete Mouth Care System (we have done the shopping for you!). It is vital to purchase the exact and correct ingredients for this system to work - substitutions will not give the same results.

Read questions that others have asked about their oral health or see their comments about Complete Mouth Care System on our Facebook page or my blog.

My goal is to help YOU help yourself to enjoy improved oral health easily and quickly.

Using the Complete Mouth Care System and adequate xylitol can stop dental disease and help you prevent future damage.

Continued use of the products I recommend has many benefits for your mouth and you will often see that this can positively impact your digestion and body health.

Read testimonials and reviews that talk of how this system has healed cavities, whitened teeth and encouraged the rapid repair of periodontal pocketing and gum recession.

Our monthly newsletter provides details on many oral health subjects and ideas to help you improve your family's teeth and gums, so you can all WOW your dentist at the next visit!

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