Dental Myths - Introduction

If xylitol is so good – why don’t we hear more about it?
We hope everyone wants the best for us – and at some level I think this is true. Problems occur when there are profits, entrenched thoughts, and a status quo that suits the main players of the game.

Why hasn’t xylitol been embraced by the profession –why isn’t it a headline in the ADA journal, advertised on TV, or promoted in dental offices? There’s not much money in xylitol, the education for xylitol conflicts with the familiar mantra to brush and floss, and if we wiped out plaque, cavities, gum disease and cleanings – we’d upset the status quo of dentistry and the sponsoring oral care businesses that provide products that clean, fill and treat our teeth and gums.

Which toothpaste do you use?
There is intense competition in the world of oral care products and many companies use bad science to promote their products - or just no science at all. For example, enamel is not white – it is translucent like glass. “Whitening” was a brilliant marketing trick to make you buy products that are more expensive but made with cheaper ingredients. Whitening and bleaching makes teeth sensitive – so the same company makes sensitive toothpaste to rescue your teeth (except it will not fix the problem –just mask it enough to keep you using the product until your mouth becomes dry – when they oblige with dry mouth products to darken your teeth – so you can bleach them again!).

Another example is the Triclosan in Colgate Total toothpaste, which is advertised to keep plaque away for 24 hours. No matter what the company claims, I don’t recommend an estrogen-mimicking hormone – and besides, we are not trying to denude teeth. A healthy mouth is populated by hundreds of kinds of bacteria – the difference is that they must be healthy ones!

Evaluating the science
Another example is a competitor of Listerine who used an in vitro (lab) study to illustrate why you should not buy Listerine. It’s not scientific to pour Listerine on cells in a test tube and claim these results are the same as seen in the mouth. In vivo (real life) studies show Listerine does not harm cells.

There is a lot to understand when you go shopping for toothpaste and mouth rinse - here are some hints for shoppers:

  • Avoid stannous fluoride (a tin-based fluoride that is toxic to the skin and biofilm needed to protect teeth and gums)
  • Avoid whitening products – look for products that strengthen and repair
  • Glycerin in products can interfere with natural repair
  • Silica in many types of toothpaste is too abrasive
  • Most xylitol rinses are more acidic than beneficial.



Do families inherit bad teeth?
If your family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or arthritis, it is vital that you have a healthy mouth. Today we know mouth germs affect other parts of the body, traveling in blood or causing inflammation that spreads through the body. These dangerous germs are not inherited, but are passed between family members by kissing, sharing food and on toothbrushes.

Protect yourself and the next generation in your family with my Complete Mouth Care System. Oral DNA testing helps you see if you have disease in your mouth Studies show parents can use xylitol to prevent passing tooth decay germs to their children and reduce their chance of cavities by 80%.



Can you reverse cavities and gum disease?
For years, dentists treated cavities by drilling out the infected part of a tooth and filling the hole with a silver or white filling. The truth is that it is possible to stop a cavity from getting bigger, and in good conditions, make it reverse and go away.

Regular use of xylitol stops cavity-forming germs from damaging teeth. My Complete Mouth Care System helps put minerals into damaged teeth. (The tooth must be alive, since I know nothing that revives a dead tooth!) A tooth can naturally rebuild – but stopping infection is key! In many cases, my Complete Mouth Care System will stop a cavity and rebuild the tooth, preventing the need for a filling. Learn more about cavities and stop them as soon as possible.

Gum disease is often noticed as “bleeding” when you brush. This must be stopped, otherwise aggressive germs can burrow under the infected gums and down the roots of your teeth (a disease called periodontitis). Periodontitis can loosen and kill teeth and easily damage your health, creating conditions that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Reversing “pockets” and getting gums healthy happens quickly with my Complete Mouth Care System, used twice daily with adequate amounts of xylitol. Nutrition and vitamins are important too, so if you need personal help, consider my coaching: visit for details.



Can bleaching whiten teeth?
Healthy teeth look white and shiny but in truth, when you look closely, they are NEVER “white” white. Healthy teeth appear white when the “glass-like” outer layer is strong and smooth, because it shines and reflects light, like a clear, brilliant diamond. It does not matter how old your teeth are, they will become whiter as they get smoother and stronger.

Most bleaching products are acidic and etch this outer glass-like layer. Whitening pastes scratch away stains and the tiny scratches also make the tooth “look” whiter – in the way that “etched glass” appears white. The problem is that the damaged tooth surface will stain again quickly and be vulnerable to infection and sensitivity - because it has become porous.

Xylitol and the use of my Complete Mouth Care System will whiten teeth naturally by making them stronger. My system builds natural minerals into the outer layer of teeth to stop them from staining. This natural process takes a few months, but each year you can expect your teeth to shine more, look whiter and be comfortable and healthy. Take your own before and after photos!


Are “new and improved” toothpastes better?
I think “new and improved” toothpastes may cause tooth problems! Manufacturers know we want white teeth and fresh breath and that many people have tartar build up and sensitivity. But DON’T fall into their toothpaste trap!

There are so many questionable advertisements, partial truths and confusing studies about toothpastes and rinses. Good-looking sales people take samples to dental professionals and support organizations with literature and money. Don’t be fooled by a million-dollar toothpaste hoax!

Pastes with “tartar control” are harsh with abrasives and acidity. Damaged enamel stains and becomes sensitive. Remember “sensitive pastes” put a putty-like substance into the open pores (created by abrasives and acidity). Now your teeth may feel better but can become weaker, crack or stain. Whitening pastes will make those stains disappear, but your mouth may feel drier as the chemicals affect mouth chemistry. Of course, “dry mouth” products are there for you - but be warned – they may make problems worse!

The only paste I trust is Crest Cavity Protection (Regular Paste) or Closys Toothpaste. I suggest Crest Cavity Protection as part of my Complete Mouth Care System. For someone unable to use the entire system of care, who may be at risk for gum disease (for example a resident in a nursing home) I suggest Closys paste.



Is alcohol a problem ingredient in mouthwash?
Alcohol will dehydrate skin and dry it. Alcohol should not be left on the delicate skin of your mouth, so you may wonder why I recommend Listerine in my Complete Mouth Care System.

The fact is that Original Listerine is a superior mouth cleaner and is worth using to prevent gum disease. You will follow the Listerine rinse immediately with ACT anti-cavity rinse (which does NOT contain alcohol). In this system you will wash the alcohol out of your mouth with the final ACT rinse. The Complete Mouth Care System must be used in the exact order and with the exact products; otherwise it will not give you the results you are looking for.

Studies show that Listerine is safe and it has a track record of almost a hundred years! Just rinse with ACT immediately after Listerine and use the other products that comprise the Complete Mouth Care System for cleaner, healthier teeth.


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