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Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, by Dr. Ellie Phillips
Discover how to reduce plaque buildup, strengthen tooth enamel, repair small cavities, eliminate tooth sensitivity, and improve your overall oral health. Learn about products that can hinder your efforts and the risks of bleaching, dental sealants and the wrong use of fluoride. It’s time that you and your family achieved what you’ve been searching for – healthy, clean teeth and gums. Just wait till you hear the surprise and accolades at your next dental appointment.

The Power of Xylitol, by Dr. Ellie Phillips
This book explains risk factors for dental disease and how tooth damage occurs. Hygienists have given the book rave reviews, saying it helped them understand mouth acidity and encouraged them to recommend xylitol for their patients.


More Publications

Here are a selection of books that offer some new ideas and new thinking:

1. Xylitol

Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way
Author: Karen Edwards
If you are diabetic and want to cook with xylitol as a low gylcemic sweetener – here is a recipe book for xylitol –written by a lovely lady called Karen Edwards

Xylitol: An Amazing Discovery for Health
Authors: Professor Kanko K Makinen, Lon Jones DO and John Peldyak DMD
This is a short book written some years ago by the men who were involved in xylitol research in the 1970s. This book explains the importance of xylitol for health and the benefits that have been understood for decades.

The sweet miracle of xylitol
Author: Fran Gare
A small booklet that may help people trying xylitol for the first time.

2. Probiotic

Boost Your Health with Bacteria
Authors: Fred Pescatore MD and Karolyn A Gazella
We have come a long way from the time penicillin was given as a “cure all”. Now we know some bacteria are helpful and essential for health. This concept is true for the mouth, where a healthy biofilm encourages natural tooth repair and protects teeth from damage and sensitivity.
Learn more about healthy bacteria and the amazing things they can do for us. I have read and re-read this book many times. It is an easy read and fully explains the many ways that we should consider the power of beneficial bacteria.

Missing Microbes
Author: Martin J Blaser MD
Dr Blaser alerts us to the overuse of antibiotics and how it may be fueling many modern health problems.

The Probiotic Revolution
Authors: Gary B Huffnagle Ph.D with Sarah Wernick
This is a “Guide to safe natural health solutions using probiotic and prebiotic foods and supplements”. I found this more of a reference book than a beach read. I think it is good to learn about this subject and I believe this next decade will be all about healthy bacteria and probiotics!

3. Oral Health

Your Path to Healthier Dentistry
Author: Dr. Alex Shvartsman
This is a good book written by a dentist whom I deeply respect. Alex is a biomimetic dentist and we share many similar opinions and experiences. The book explains many dental procedures in detail It will be a useful book f you want to discover more about why and how a dentist makes a crown, bite plate, implant etc...

Dental Caries, The Disease and its Clinical Management
Autors: multiple – edited by Fejerskov and Kidd
This is a textbook that will only interest those fascinated by the science of dental disease. It should be the bible of any dental student interested in understanding the disease.

The Silent Saboteurs
Authors: William D Nordquist DMD MS David J Krutchkoff DDS MS
This is a complex book and many people will find it scary and almost frightening. If you live with someone who will not take oral health seriously, you may want to leave this on their night-stand!
This book describes how certain gum bacteria can infiltrate into your body and work their way to other places – including your brain. The fact that families share oral bacteria makes this a vital subject if dementia is part of your family history.

Oil Pulling Therapy
Author: Dr. Bruce Fife
I am not advocating Oil Pulling but I find it interesting that this has been used to cure gum disease for decades and decades. The system that I recommend is equally miraculous as the healing described in this book – but without the time and trouble. Maybe this book illustrates how we can heal ourselves – and it explains clearly how unwise and unacceptable it is to have disease in our mouths.

Open Wider – Your wallet, not your mouth
Authors: Fred Quarnstrom DDS, Marzena Makuta, PhD, Anne Woodley, MA
Dr. Quarnstrom has taken a lot of heat from the dental profession about this book – but it is well worth a read if you have been told you need a considerable amount of dental work done, but don’t know why. There are two sides to every profession – but if you are a consumer it is good to know some of us are looking out for you!

Whole Body Dentistry
Author: Martin Breiner DDS
It should not be such a shock to find a dentist who believes that the mouth is connected to the body! It is a big, detailed and well written book about the paradigm shift in dentistry, and why mouth health is important.

Got Teeth? A survivor’s guide
Author: Saundra Goodman
This is a book about dentures written by someone who ended up without teeth because she did not know what was happening in her mouth and was never told how to reverse the disease. She explains how it felt to end up without natural teeth.

4. Diet and Nutrition

Perfect Health Diet
Authors: Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet
This may be a little complicated as an introduction to healthy eating, but it is a great book about the latest scientific research and anthropological evidence on human nutrition. Highly recommended as a book about the value of diet for health.

The Guide to Healthy Eating
Author: David Brownstein and Sheryl Shenefelt
The advice in this book is very basic and written in a simple format for a target audience of those starting out and looking for a more nutritious diet.

The Whole Soy Story
Dr. Kaayla Daniel
There is confusion in the world of dentistry, medicine and nutrition. Here’s a book to unravel the story of soy and why we all need to fear commercially motivated propaganda.

Eat Right For Your Type
Dr. Peter D’Adamo
How do we know if advice is correct? It’s quite easy to find out if your teeth are improving, but it’s hard to know if a diet is healthy or not. This book offers a novel approach and, although I cannot comment on the science – it’s very interesting.

5. General Health and Exercise

Over-diagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health
Author: Gilbert Welch
It’s interesting to think of the parallels between medicine and dentistry. There are significant differences but this book expresses frustration at the over diagnosis that can lead to significant long-term health problems.

Beat the Heart Attack Gene
Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen
An easy to read book by preventive cardiologists who understand my system and the importance of oral health.

The Cost of Being Sick
Author: Nicholas Webb
There are many doctors who wish medicine was based on a true model of prevention and yet the public may never have heard their voice or their plea for change and the problems with medical-industry relationships.

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox
Author: Kate Rheaume-Bleue
Don’t take information from media comments on yahoo when it comes to body or mouth health. There are often opposing opinions– so read what the experts say.

Coffee is Good for You
Robert J. Davis
There is so much confusion in the world about nutrition and which foods are good and which ones bad. Mr. Davis explains some myths and truths.

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders
Author: David Brownstein MD
Many people fear fluoride because they have thyroid problems. There are many things to consider about this condition and this book offers a good starting place.

Salt your Way to health
Author: David Brownstein MD
Instead of being afraid of salt, learn about the remarkable healing ability of unrefined salt. Dr Brownstein has written other interesting books you may want to explore!

Healthy Skeptic
Author: Robert Davis
This book cuts through the hype and explains more about what is really useful and good to know about health products and health facts. This book has some really useful information about acid reflux disease GERD.

Sweet Deception
Authors: Joseph Mercola and Kendra Degen Pearsall
I think it is essential to read ingredient labels and be educated about the dangers of artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners. I have a personal story about Splenda – so I was outraged recently to find a brand of granular xylitol (Ideal) that has found a way to mix Splenda into xylitol. Xylitol followers beware. Please check the ingredients on your granular xylitol!

PACE – the 12-minute fitness revolution
Author: Dr. Al Sears
I have been a follower of Dr. Al Sears for some years since I came across his ideas on exercise. He was as controversial about exercise as I was about teeth – so I formed an instant liking for him!
I agree with some of the critics that the book is hard to read because it repeats– and you may prefer his newsletters or website. But anyone with a health issue or looking for a great quick workout – this is a fantastic approach to exercise and I love it! I thank Dr. Sears for being a revolutionary thinker and being prepared to put his method into a book for others to read.

The Acid Alkaline Food Guide
Authors: Dr. Susan E Brown Larry Trivieri Jr
This is not a reading book but a quick reference to food and their effect on pH levels. I don’t much like these little “brown paper” books – and there are lots of charts etc. I have included this book more because I think some of my followers may find it useful – but beware – the effects of certain foods on the body differ from the effect of these foods on teeth. If you are confused by this statement – don’t buy this book or you will be more confused.


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