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  Cavities and Soft Teeth – Introduction

Teeth are like a bank account – only the currency is minerals! If you pull a few minerals out of your teeth every day without replacing them – your account will eventually become empty – and a cavity forms. Certain habits, citrus and juice drinks, and even some toothpaste can aggressively withdraw minerals from teeth.

To replace lost minerals you need to:

  1. Limit the length of time your mouth is acidic
  2. Use Zellies mints and gum 5 times a day – and always after food or drinks
  3. Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste is the only paste with scientific studies to show it can rebuild teeth. New fancy (and expensive) pastes do not have the same studies to support their claims (and many are made of milk powder)

Minerals can dissolve out of teeth at a young age and continue for life – making you think you inherited soft teeth. You may not be able to control the softness of your teeth, but you can control the replacement of minerals into teeth. Limit drinks to meals and use Zellies xylitol mints or gum to alkalize your mouth.

The Complete Mouth Care System gives weak and soft teeth the opportunity to strengthen again – think of it as spa treatment for teeth. Always use the Complete Mouth Care System last thing at night and in the morning, selecting a time when new minerals can “soak” into teeth to strengthen them.



Can cavities be stopped?
The best way to stop cavities is to eliminate cavity germs in the mouth with sufficient xylitol. The rinses and toothpaste of my system strengthen teeth and put minerals back into the damaged areas, so they will heal. Most early cavities disappear within 6-12 months. For cavities in children younger than age 6 – do not use the Complete Mouth Care System, because these kids are too young for rinsing. Just use adequate amount of xylitol each day and brush ACT rinse onto their teeth – twice daily. Protect your child’s teeth from juices and acidity and their new teeth will erupt without damage and cavities will stop forming.



What helps cavities heal faster?
Mineral-rich saliva (in your own mouth) helps cavities heal quickly. People with a dry mouth should sip water mixed with a teaspoon of xylitol throughout the day. Whole milk cheeses and yogurt are good for healing teeth and provide minerals teeth need. Eat cheese at the end of a meal or as a snack. Only drink acidic drinks during a meal – sipping acidic drinks will pull minerals out of teeth and slow healing. Ensure you also have a good diet, enough minerals, sunshine and rest.


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