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  Reverse Gum Disease

How can you reverse gum disease?
If you want to reverse gum disease quickly, I suggest you use my Complete Mouth Care System EXACTLY – using the EXACT products I recommend, a spotless toothbrush and adequate amounts of xylitol! This system will reduce plaque and calculus build-up and improve gum health, no matter your age or the state of your teeth when you start. Continued use of the system will maintain and improve your oral health, year after year. If you want to measure these results – consider an Oral DNA test before you start – to measure the germs in your mouth and find out if you have harmful ones. This test can be repeated after you have been using the system – so you will see the difference.



How do you prevent bad breath?
Disease bacteria grow in an acidic mouth and often cause bad breath. Over-the-counter mouthwashes generally have no effect on bad breath germs. Using the Complete Mouth Care System and xylitol will cure bad breath and improve the look and feel of your mouth and your teeth at the same time!

Remember to clean your toothbrush each day and let it dry between uses. Never store your brush in a bag and always at least 6 feet away from a toilet (because toilet bacteria splatter into the air during a flush and grow on toothbrushes to become a disease problem). Also keep your brush away from anyone in the family who may have cavities or gum disease. Disinfect your brush in Listerine daily.


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