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  Gum Disease and Recession – Introduction

Statistics show 50% of young adults in the US (thirty years old) have gum disease and many are unaware of problems or have been told not to worry. Pregnant women have acidic mouths and are at high risk for gum disease – yet “pink toothbrush” is often accepted as normal and not as a warning sign or concern.

There are two types of gum disease – one precedes the other, and fortunately the first is relatively easy to control and prevent. This “first” condition is gingivitis, which creates conditions for infection by periodontal bacteria in the small pockets formed by swollen gums – between the gums and the tooth surface.

Gingivitis – is often known as bleeding gums, sometimes with redness and swelling. Toxins (poisons) from bacteria in plaque cause the initial irritation – so limiting plaque is important. Zellies xylitol products help control plaque, but sugary or acidic drinks must be kept to meals and Zellies mints or gum eaten directly after every meal or snack.

Toothbrushes are infected by a single use. Imagine crawly plaque bacteria on your toothbrush, multiplying on the bristles! Use Listerine to clean toothbrushes – immerse the head or spritz on the brush – then rinse and air dry. Keep your brush away from toilet areas. Don’t share with others. Plaque bacteria transfer in saliva – kissing and sharing food will spread this disease.

Xylitol helps control plaque and makes it easier to clean teeth, however it is important to massage any bleeding gum area until it stops bleeding. Use a clean toothbrush and Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste. Don’t worry if this makes the gum bleed more – this area must be cleaned or else the condition will deteriorate into full-blown Periodontal Disease.

Closys mouth rinse is excellent to prepare gums before brushing – and my suggestion is to use the Complete Mouth Care System. Repeat the brush and Listerine steps twice if your gums bleed. See a dentist if bleeding continues after a week of this care – you may have issues that are not gingivitis.

Periodontal Disease (Periodontitits)
This disease is more dangerous for teeth and gums than gingivitis. Periodontal bacteria are able to lodge in the gums following initial damage by gingivitis. The swelling of gingivitis allows small pockets to form around teeth and otherwise harmless mouth bacteria use the opportunity to enter the spaces and multiply.

Periodontal Disease does not show bleeding, soreness or swelling, so often the patient thinks he or she is fine. This is a chronic, progressive disease. We currently recognize eleven opportunistic bacteria of Periodontal Disease. They have long names and nasty effects – some spirochetes, others with amoebic properties and several associated with the chronic inflammatory conditions of arthritis, cardio-vascular disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you have Periodontal Disease use the Complete Mouth Care System with Zellie’s mints or gum at least 5 times every day, ideally for several months before you start treatment. Unless you change the bacteria in your mouth and limit plaque, a cleaning may stir up disease – and the benefits will be small or limited.

Use the Complete Mouth Care System for 8 – 12 weeks, plus a healthy diet - with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies –a food-derived multi-vitamin, and a digestive probiotic. If your digestion is unhealthy you cannot expect your mouth to be healthy.

Tooth brushing is a vital part of healing gum tissues. Ensure your toothbrush is not too soft – because you need to massage the gums to get the circulation moving on the outside and inside of your teeth. Gum blood supply is venous and will only flow if you massage it.

Recession is not a disease, but is often the result of damage from incorrect care. I never suggest products that contain baking soda, salt, peroxide or stannous fluoride. These products are often associated with damage to healthy biofilm– with consequent recession and erosion. Oil pulling can damage biofilm in some mouths.

Treatment for cavities and soft teeth is appropriate for recession –limit acidity, encourage the growth of a healthy biofilm and protect teeth with the Complete Mouth Care System. In addition diet, nutrition, probiotics for digestive health and adequate Omega-3 intake would be suggested. Brush gums to massage a flow of blood to the area of recession – and you may be able to re-grow the gums or at least limit damage. I usually suggest to totally stop flossing – at least until the gums have an opportunity to grow back.


How can you reverse gum disease?br /> If you want to reverse gum disease quickly, I suggest you use my Complete Mouth Care System EXACTLY – using the EXACT products I recommend, a spotless toothbrush and adequate amounts of xylitol! This system will reduce plaque and calculus build-up and improve gum health, no matter your age or the state of your teeth when you start. Continued use of the system will maintain and improve your oral health, year after year. If you want to measure these results – consider an Oral DNA test before you start – to measure the germs in your mouth and find out if you have harmful ones. This test can be repeated after you have been using the system – so you will see the difference.



How do you prevent bad breath?
Disease bacteria grow in an acidic mouth and often cause bad breath. Over-the-counter mouthwashes generally have no effect on bad breath germs. Using the Complete Mouth Care System and xylitol will cure bad breath and improve the look and feel of your mouth and your teeth at the same time!

Remember to clean your toothbrush each day and let it dry between uses. Never store your brush in a bag and always at least 6 feet away from a toilet (because toilet bacteria splatter into the air during a flush and grow on toothbrushes to become a disease problem). Also keep your brush away from anyone in the family who may have cavities or gum disease. Disinfect your brush in Listerine daily.


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