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  Sensitive Teeth – Introduction

Just watch people checking out in the grocery store and you will see that most have a tube of sensitive toothpaste, some kind of whitening product and one or more acidic drinks in their basket. There is an epidemic of sensitive teeth today because of acidic drinks and the damage caused by whitening strips, rinses and toothpastes.

I think all sensitive toothpastes are bad (even if they pacify symptoms – they do nothing to fix problems) and often lead to the next issue – dry mouth! I’d suggest Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste and if possible, ACT mouth rinse after brushing.

Cut down on the frequency of all drinks – and enjoy Zellies xylitol mints and gum after every snack or meal- sensitivity problems will usually disappear in days!



What about using sensitive toothpaste?
Most sensitive toothpastes are made with a stannous (tin-based) fluoride, which can affect your taste buds and cause gum reactions. Any benefit to your teeth is usually short lived and the product may interfere with more permanent repair (remineralization) that you get by using my Complete Mouth Care System.

I suggest you use my Complete System EXACTLY as it is described, using adequate amounts of xylitol. Make sure you use the Closys first, then the correct toothpaste (Cavity Protection Crest – the Original Paste) and do not rinse this paste off your teeth after brushing. Spit out the toothpaste “glob” then rinse immediately with Listerine; spit out the Listerine and use the ACT as a final rinse. Please feel free to write and tell me how quickly your sensitivity goes away – forever!



What if Listerine® is too strong for me?
LISTERINE® Antiseptic with an equal amount of warm water at first. Over time you can increase the amount of Listerine in the dilution as your teeth become more acid-resistant and less sensitive. LISTERINE Antiseptic is a valuable step in the system. Think of this as “weight training” for your teeth.

One important feature is to ensure you do not use water to rinse the toothpaste off your teeth before the Listerine step in the system. Crest (Cavity Protection – Original Paste) has ingredients that provide teeth with a “virtual force field” to protect them during the acidic Listerine rinsing (which is a step designed to clean your gums). You must not rinse with water between the brushing and the Listerine or your teeth will be “naked” and exposed to the acidity of the Listerine. Check out the Complete Mouth Care System for details.



How can I prevent toothbrush abrasion?
Toothbrush abrasion is usually seen as a groove at the gum line around back molar teeth. It is important to use ClosyS™ rinse at the start of my Complete Mouth Care system for many reasons, including the fact that this rinse pH balances your mouth before brushing. I never suggest baking soda – because even though it is alkaline, it can disrupt a healthy protein film that protects healthy teeth and gums. Baking soda can cause gums to recede – so be careful!

Abrasion damage is a sign that your mouth is too acidic and you should never brush teeth when they have recently been exposed to acidity. You can check your saliva to see if this is your acidity problem, also consider the dinks you like – perhaps they are acidic. You can use xylitol during the day and after meals to protect your teeth from acidity. Use my Complete Mouth Care System to build minerals back into your teeth and make your teeth more acid-resistant.

Beware tartar control toothpaste (which is often acidic) or pastes that contain stannous fluoride (which are acidic). Also many well-known products advertised for “dry mouth” are acidic. In almost all circumstances I recommend Crest Cavity Protection paste – which is the paste for my Complete Mouth Care System.



How do you know if you have weak teeth?
Weak teeth stain easily and look dull or yellowish in color. Continuous use of my Complete Mouth Care System will make your teeth brighter and stronger in 6-12 months. If you want to speed the process, ensure you have enough xylitol each day - in multiple doses spread out between meals and after drinks and snacks. A mineral-rich diet, supplements, whole-milk dairy products, Probiotics, exercise, sunshine and sleep are all part of total health.

Today we know that mouth health impacts your body health. Gum disease can trigger all kinds of medical problems, including heart attack and stroke. We also know that body health influences mouth health. So view your mouth as a window into the health of the rest of your body. If your teeth are dull or yellowish – think about the importance of diet, vitamins, minerals and exercise. If you need extra coaching to learn more about nutrition and oral health, I am happy to help you.



What is acidic saliva?
If saliva is deficient in minerals, it can become acidic. Acidic saliva can pull minerals from your teeth and make them dull and yellowish in color. Any saliva pH value lower than 6.2 will damage the root surface and leave a groove at the gum line. Acidity levels below pH 5.5 erode the entire tooth surface and allow teeth to stain easily and become soft, sensitive and infected.

The best reading for saliva is as you wake in the morning – using pH testing paper. If your reading is acidic, you may want to start considering many diet and lifestyle adjustments. Small adjustments to relieve stress, eat healthier and get enough minerals can quickly relieve mouth acidity and improve your mouth health.



What causes saliva to be acidic?
Almost everyone develops an acidic mouth as they age, but women experience it more suddenly with their hormonal changes. Mouth acidity can occur if you are sick, experience hormonal imbalances, have acid reflux, are stressed, or if you take certain medications.

Testing mouth acidity with pH strips over a period of time will help identify the foods and drinks that make your mouth acidic and those that leave your mouth alkaline and protect teeth. Improving the health of your body with good lifestyle, nutrition and exercise can also improve the quality of your saliva. This better quality saliva will bathe your teeth with the minerals and proteins that they need to stay clean and healthy – no matter your age.


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