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  The Complete Mouth Care System

What can the Complete Mouth Care System do?
The rinses and toothpaste specified in this system work in harmony with xylitol to clean the mouth and strengthen teeth. Adequate amounts of xylitol loosen plaque on teeth and reduce bacteria in the mouth. The rinses and toothpaste will strengthen teeth and make gums healthier, reducing pocketing and infection. Used together, xylitol and this rinse system can take your oral health to a level where dental visits will be quick, easy and enjoyable – how do you like that idea?



How difficult is this Mouth Care System?
My Mouth Care System takes four and a half minutes each morning and night. There is no difficult flossing necessary – just one step that leads to the next. The sensation of freshness is so wonderful and your mouth will feel so clean – you will WANT to do this morning and night!

Remember to use a spotless toothbrush – maybe buy a pack of 25 Zellies brushes and change them frequently – throw away after travel and disinfect often. Don’t use a dirty brush in your nice clean mouth! You need xylitol too – so make sure to have Zellies mints or gum after meals, snacks and drinks each day. This system is so easy – plus it will make dental visits quick, fun and enjoyable. Imagine that!



Why does the System use specific products?
Over many years I worked with people who could not (or did not like) to floss. I discovered that specific rinses and toothpaste could work together and achieve amazing results – far better than when each product was used alone. The products fit like puzzle pieces - so if you use incorrect products (even the toothpaste) this will change the process and affect the outcome. All the products I recommend are well-recognized, over-the-counter items. It is their “method of use” that allows these ordinary products to give extraordinary results – ENJOY!



Is the old ACT® Rinse better than Restoring™?
The original ACT® Fluoride Rinse contains an almost perfect blend of ingredients to help protect teeth from acidic damage. It contains dilute sodium fluoride that helps build strength into teeth. I do not recommend the newer and more expensive ACT® Restoring™ rinse, because it does not seem to work as effectively and it contains alcohol. “New and improved” toothpaste and rinses do not impress me and most add un-necessary chemicals that seem to create more problems and rarely provide the benefits of the older products. Beware the “free” products handed out at your dental office. Most of them are gimmicks provided by product sales people – and not a tested recommendation from your dentist.



What about more natural products?
Most pastes with xylitol are abrasive and are not recommended, and the xylitol rinses can be acidic. If you want to use xylitol to clean your teeth – get pure crystals and dissolve them in water as a solution for brushing onto teeth. If you have perfect oral health, and clean, healthy teeth – don’t change a thing that you are doing! On the other hand, if you have cavities, weak teeth, staining or gum disease then you need help! - I suggest my Complete Mouth Care System.

I wish the products in this system were color-free and “natural” but your risk from gum disease is far greater than any risk from sorbitol or dye in these rinses. Gum disease germs can gain entry to your blood stream and cause many problems from dementia to heart attacks. Don’t rely on “healthy-sounding” tooth care products that are usually of poor design, untested and don’t work.

If anyone suggests a particular product for you– ask if they use it themselves – then look at their teeth for endorsement! There may be a couple of natural products that can stop cavities – but they often cause gums to recede (especially if they contain baking soda or peroxide) and rarely help your teeth get healthier.



What about baking soda or peroxide?
I never recommend baking soda, which can cause gums to recede. Nor do I recommend peroxide or whitening products because they can damage the gums and teeth and also cause mercury to be released from silver fillings. If you need to whiten your teeth – use the Complete Mouth Care System for at least 6-12 months and see if this can improve the color of your teeth. Take before and after pictures for your records! It is also important to protect your teeth from acidity after all meals, snacks and drinks. If you have a dry mouth – consider a xylitol nasal spray to help clear your nose passages for better breathing. Acidity and dry mouth are often reasons for discolored teeth.



Does this system help adults with dentures?
Xylitol is anti-fungal and can help control thrush, sore tongue, or denture sore mouth. Debilitated and sick people often have sores at the corners of their mouth (angular cheilitis) and xylitol will help this condition also. A solution of 4 grams of granular xylitol in 16 oz of warm water can be made and sipped throughout the day and night. This solution may alternatively be sprayed into the mouth or wiped onto teeth with a cloth or sponge.


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