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Here are a selection of informative links:

1. Xylitol


Xylitol – an article to encourage dentists!

Review of xylitol

History of Xylitol

Here is a Fantastic List of Xylitol References - Download (49 page .pdf file)

Remineralization with Xylitol

Pentosan Polysulphate - A Medicine Made From Beech Bark

Xylitol Wipes Reduce Tooth Decay in Babies - Infant Study

I Brush My Teeth with Sugar - by Chris Kammer, DDS

Sugar Alcohols, Caries Incidence, and Remineralization of Caries Lesions: A Literature Review

Xylitol Facts -- Learn the facts about xylitol, and share your xylitol stories.                                 

“Sugar substitute may prevent cavities in toddlers”. Reuters Health. 6 July, 2009. 7 Dec, 2009.


International Xylitol Commercials

Check out these xylitol commercials and find out how other countries view xylitol.

Commercial 1 on Xylitol

Commercial 2 on Xylitol

Commercial 4 on Xylitol


Dentists Recommending Xylitol

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2. Oral Systemic

Zero Tolerance for Gum Disease
This is an old website with a lot of good information!

A preventive approach to Heart Attack:
Bale Doneen Method – Cardiology

Studies show mouth bacteria in the heart

Mouth bacteria have been implicated in arthritis

Poor Dental Health Linked to Dementia Onset



Medical Testing in the Progressive Dental Office – by Chris Kammer

Gums provide clues to RA severity

Ellie Phillips, DDS, recommends using the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System to help prevent dental disease. This is especially helpful to those that don’t have dental insurance and can’t afford expensive dental treatments.


3. Gum Health / Periodontal

Gum Health Handouts

American Academy of Periodontology


4. Tooth Remineralization



5. Whole-Body Health

Centre for Evidence Based Dentistry

University of Michigan report

Others challenging traditional medical and dental advice

Joseph Mercola

David Brownstein (read how to salt your way to health)

Al Sears – has a new concept for exercising - PACE

White Fillings and Sealants contain BPA = BisPhemol A
How dangerous is BPA?

Dental X-Rays Linked to Tumors Inside Skull

Emerging science and natural healing

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Sweet Deception. - Discover the deadliest health deception linked to artificial sweeteners.

Abscess Almost Brings Down Secretariat

Ultimate Oral Healthcare

Putting patients First


Cavities & Gum Disease

What does soda do to teeth? - Learn about the effects of soda on teeth, and the pH of different carbonated drinks.

Your Teeth and Your Health. - Learn about how oral health affects the health in the rest of the body. Your teeth and gums can tell a lot about your overall health.


Family Oral Care

Clean Baby Teeth. -- Information on how best to care for your baby's new teeth.

Don’t leave your toothbrush near the toilet. – Read a study that connects halitosis with bacteria found in human feces.

Children and adults who do not have calculus may not benefit from dental cleanings...



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Marlene Merritt : Hate going to the dentist

Fluoride foams and gels appear to be of little benefit...



Listerine Users Booklet

Scientific Literature Supports Safety Use of Listerine


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