Who's at risk?
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Pregnant Women

Pregnancy takes a toll on your gums and teeth - but fight back!

3 Things to know:

1. You are at risk for gum disease:

During pregnancy, altered progesterone levels put gums at increased risk for disease, which can increase risk for pre-term birth. Bleeding gums are a warning – don’t ignore the signs.

2. You can transfer cavities to your baby:

Mothers pass cavity-forming germs to their baby – prevent this transfer by enjoying delicious xylitol. 

3. Hormonal changes cause mouth acidity - let xylitol help:

Hormonal changes cause mouth acidity, which grows cavity bacteria and weakens teeth. Xylitol can counter acidic attacks and help remineralize teeth. Incorporate xylitol into your life

“The best gift you can give your children is a lifetime of being free of dental disease. You must start now with your own oral health, to prevent passing harmful bacteria to your baby.”

Dr. Ellie Tips

  • Start improving oral health before pregnancy if possible.
  • Zellies and xylitol will help control plaque and prevent bleeding gums.
  • Using the complete mouth care system has been shown to stop and even reverse periodontal problems for many.
  • In studies, mothers using xylitol were 80% less likely to pass cavity germs to their babies – and if the children grew up with some xylitol, their risk for cavities was minimal.

Zellies Xylitol Mints & Gum
are made with 100% xylitol, a naturally occurring substance that tastes like sugar, but has 40% fewer calories.

Xylitol studies have shown that it can safely protect and strengthen teeth, and help heal early cavities.

It only takes 5 Minutes, Twice a Day
to protect your smile and improve your oral health.


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