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Early use of xylitol
Native Americans recognized the antibacterial properties of birch wood, using it to clean their teeth and to make teething rattles for infants. Europeans have been using xylitol for baking, cooking, and as a beverage sweetener since World War II. During the 1950’s it was discovered that xylitol could prevent ear infections in children and it has been FDA-approved since the 1963.

History of Xylitol

Native Americans use birch wood to maintain oral hygiene

Xylitol used as a diabetic sugar substitute

Xylitol eaten as table sugar in Europe

Doctors notice children who eat xylitol have fewer ear infections

FDA approves xylitol for special dietary uses

Research explores effects of xylitol with amazing study results

At NIH symposium, benefits of xylitol are shown scientifically significant by Evidence-Based Evaluation

US military adopts xylitol for dental preventive program

Arizona State Dental Hygienists’ Association adopts xylitol as a preventive method for patients

Hawaii Dental Hygienists’ Association endorses use of xylitol for its preventive and therapeutic benefits

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