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 The System

Complete Mouth Care System – Introduction

The Complete Mouth Care System is a method of daily mouth care that can help anyone (over the age of 6) prevent, stop or reverse the majority of dental problems.

  • If your teeth are sensitive - this system can help strengthen weak and soft teeth and stop problems
  • If you have gum disease –8-10 weeks can heal and even reverse gum disease and many periodontal problems
  • If you have cavities an early cavity may reverse in 4-6 months in an adult tooth

Who needs the Basic Complete Mouth Care System?
The Complete Mouth Care System helps teeth and gums.

Before Dental Fillings or Deep Cleanings
Some people use it to avoid problems, but even if you need a filling or a gum cleaning, this system will help prepare your mouth before treatment, making teeth stronger and gums healthier – so your dentist can place a better filling or perform a more useful cleaning.

If you Cannot Afford Dental Treatment
This system can help anyone who is unable to afford fillings or periodontal treatment. It can help maintain mouth health in the best possible condition, so when you return to the dentist, your mouth will have been maintained and not deteriorated.

It’s Simple to be Successful
It ‘s easy to use this system and it will work with or without flossing, but it’s vital to follow directions and use the exact products recommended. Do not mix other toothpastes or rinses into the system - it will not work. As you begin enjoying this system of daily mouth care, the next step is to learn how mouth acidity damages teeth and finally how diet and digestive health are linked with mouth health.

Be certain you use the exact products

  • One incorrect item will slow or void progress
  • Do not use any other toothpaste in this system
  • Only Original or Cool Mint Listerine are correct for this system
  • Ensure you use ACT mint or cinnamon, and at 0.05% strength (not 0.02%)
  • Do not use brand name alternatives – even if they appear the same

A DIY method for healthy, clean gums and teeth
Zellies Complete Mouth Care System is designed to strengthen, clean and protect teeth from cavities and gum disease. It limits the growth of harmful plaque bacteria, protects teeth from acidity and dryness and promotes natural tooth repair and strengthening. The system involves a series of well-known rinses that are used in a sequence – once in the morning and again at night. Delicious Zellies xylitol products help protect teeth from acidity and dryness anytime day or night.


Xylitol reduces acid causing bacteria in the mouth by as much as 90% according to this 1998 study. (SOURCE: Scheie AA, Fejerskov O, Danielsen B, The effect of Xylitol containing chewing gum on dental plaque and acidogenic potential. J Dent Res 1998; 77: 1549 – 54)

Step One - Clean

It is important to brush teeth in a neutral pH or alkaline mouth because teeth are soft in an acidic mouth and more likely to be damaged by abrasive toothpaste. Using a pH balancing rinse like CloSYS™ before brushing neutralizes teeth and loosens food particles so brushing is more effective. Do not use any flavoring in this rinse, as it will reduce the beneficial effects.

After rinsing with CloSYS™ for a minute, brush your teeth using a well-designed medium-soft toothbrush. Be sure to brush your gums, and don’t forget your six front teeth at gum level – upper and lower. Many people turn their wrists as they brush and miss these front teeth. Also take care to brush the gum on the inside of back molars along the side of your tongue.

For best results, use a Zellies soft bristle toothbrush with a head that fits your mouth and basic sodium fluoride toothpaste like Crest® ® Original Paste. Do not use a paste with whitening agents, tartar control additives, stannous fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate, or triclosan. It is vital to disinfect your toothbrush after brushing by dipping it in Listerine® Antiseptic.  If bacteria are irritating your gums, brushing may make them bleed. This is part of the healing process. If this happens; just gently brush the area that bleeds.

Did You Know
Bacteria live on your toothbrush! Be sure to frequently clean your brush by swishing the head in Listerine and rinse in water and air dry. Never share toothbrushes and do not store in an area near an open toilet.

Step Two - Disinfect

Immediately after brushing, rinse your mouth with Listerine®, an antibacterial rinse effective against immature plaque bacteria. Use a Listerine® that carries an ADA shield of acceptance, such as Original, Cool Mint and Vanilla Mint. Do not use Listerine® that advertises plaque or tartar control, or whitening, which do not carry the ADA shield of acceptance. If the rinse seems too strong– you can dilute with water until you’re used to it.

Step Three - Protect

The final rinse is fluoride, which helps remineralize and strengthen teeth. We recommend ACT ® Anticavity Fluoride. Avoid ACT ® Restore since it contains alcohol and has a different fluoride concentration. Fluoride should be kept on teeth as long as possible so it’s best to rinse immediately before bed and after eating in the morning.

How often do you clean your teeth?
Brushing every 12 hours is important because bacteria that grown on teeth become tubular or worm-like after this amount of time. These harmful bacteria grow and multiply in the deeper layers closest to the tooth. More germs attach on the outside, forming a barrier that cuts off oxygen, causing germs to change and become anaerobic. At this point they become damaging cavity-forming bacteria that take minerals out of teeth and inflame gums.

All Day – Get the Power of Xylitol

Xylitol is a delicious weapon in the fight against dental disease. It looks and tastes like sugar but has 40% fewer calories. When xylitol dissolves in your mouth, it makes a sweet sugary solution that is alkaline, the opposite of damaging acidic. Studies show that eating two teaspoons of xylitol each day (6-10 grams) for 5 weeks will remove harmful germs from plaque on your teeth and in 6 months 95% of these germs will be removed from your mouth.

Protect and strengthen teeth by eating 100% xylitol mints or gum after meals, drinks and snacks.

Enjoy the Results

Most people notice a cleaner, fresher mouth within the first week of using Zellies Complete Mouth Care System. As plaque bacteria absorb xylitol, they become less sticky and usually are easily brushed off teeth with a toothbrush.

If you have routine plaque and tartar, you will begin to notice a difference in your oral health in about 5 weeks, as harmful plaque bacteria are removed from the surfaces of teeth. After 6 months, you should have your teeth cleaned in a dental office.

If you have heavily infected plaque deposits when you start using Zellies Complete Mouth Care System, dead bacteria may form a dark band of stain along the gum line. It can be easily cleaned off your teeth at your next dental cleaning and is unlikely to return if you remain on the system.



What People are Saying about Dr. Ellie

Three months later! I've been using your system and loving it. My teeth feel so clean, my gums are nice and pink, and that little bump that I thought might have been an abscess is almost nonexistent!

Thank you for your quick reply and help!  Although I've only been on your system one week, I already can tell the difference in the feel of my teeth. Thank you very much!

You are doing such a wonderful thing!! My husband has been using your system for 10 months. He is a night teeth grinder and was having issues with wearing the enamel on his teeth before he started the system. He no longer has any more wear of his teeth, and says that his teeth feel much stronger. The other really neat thing is that my husband has always been dissatisfied with the color of his teeth (yellowish).  He tried crest white strips for approximately 7 days without any improvement in color. Since he has started the system, the color of his teeth has improved immensely!! They are whiter than they have ever been!

Let me just say THANK YOU!!! My dental health is improving every day!   I have been using your system  (exactly) for 10 months now. I have a 2-year-old daughter who eats xylitol after every meal and I brush her teeth with xylitol solution at bedtime, and her teeth are beautiful and cavity free.

 I have been on the Dr. Ellie system for seven months.  I had a checkup yesterday and the dentist could find NO cavities.  On my previous checkup, the dentist had found 5 or 6 cavities that he wanted to drill and fill.  I declined at that time and was fortunate enough to find your system.  Therefore, all cavities had healed in the intervening seven months of being on the system.  My kindly dentist was befuddled - I was relieved and pleased.

Fabulous news!  I have just come from a checkup and cleaning at the periodontist and I am happy, happy, happy! I never thought that this could happen, having been told that “once a periodontal patient, always a periodontal patient.”  None of my dental care providers ever talked to me about acidity or even know anything about xylitol.  But thanks to you everything is so very improved and, best of all, there was no more talk of surgery.  Over the past 5 years, I have seen 3 different periodonists and there has always been talk of flap surgery, which I have rejected because I am so very afraid of the procedure…BUT TODAY, I am so very, very relieved. Thank you so very, very, much Dr. Ellie! I am more enthusiastic and determined than ever and I am spreading the word! I am proud to be part of the “grass-roots” component, using word-of-mouth to spread the message about how everyone can have great oral health! With immense gratitude and respect.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Phillips about 6 weeks ago.  I sat at a dinner at which Dentists were asked to give testimony on several subjects.  Ellie gave dramatic testimony about her oral hygiene technique and its benefits.  I became a convert immediately!  The next question is why I became a convert.Ellie exhibited a very thorough knowledge of oral biofilm. She exhibited such a burning desire to help those who cannot afford some of our expensive dental treatment. She knew things about Xylitol and Sorbitol and Mannitol that I had very little knowledge of (all of which was corroborated by another meeting I attended 5 weeks later). She knew how to heal sick teeth without a dentist.  I had been hearing reports on this subject for a few years My intuition told me this woman is “for real”.  She is all about the patient and not about making big bucks with dentistry.  She is some one I would want covering my back in a foxhole.  My conversations with her in the last few weeks have only served to confirm my initial judgments about her.

I have been using her technique personally for only about 2 weeks.  I can only tell you that it is amazing.  I have been brushing and flossing daily for about 45 years, and I can only say that her technique makes my mouth feel absolutely wonderful.  It is almost addicting.  We are in the process of converting every patient in my office to this technique. By the way, I have been a dentist for 41 years.

I wanted to write to let you know that I just got back from my six-month cleaning. I couldn't be happier.  I have never gotten so much praise from a hygienist before: "I am looking for tarter and there just isn't any."  "I give you an A on home care."  "There hasn't been a speck of blood."  "This is one of the easiest cleanings I have ever done."  It was awesome.  No cavities detected in the examination from the dentist either My favorite part of the visit was when the hygienist, sounding a little concerned, asked me: "Now, how often do you brush."  I reassured her that it was only twice a day - in the morning and before I go to bed.  She smiled and said, "Good.  I just wanted to make sure you weren't brushing too often." I absolutely love your system.  One of my favorite benefits was that I don't have "morning breath" anymore.  It's pretty much completely gone.  It's a great feeling to wake up in the morning with clean teeth and clean mouth.  I wish that I would have been on this system years ago. I will definitely be staying on your system - and encouraging others to be on it as well.

I have been using your system for the past month now and I'm so AMAZED at the results.  My teeth have never felt cleaner- I feel as if I just had my teeth professionally cleaned!  It's a WONDERFUL feeling.  Also my teeth look whiter, I have less sensitivity, my teeth are just in such great shape and are improving more and more each day. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how well your care system is working for me.  I wish there were more dentists like you in the world!

I thought I would update you on my son's teeth.  We saw our hygienist a week or two ago and she was very relieved that we had not consented to $3500 worth of work for our 8 year old under anaesthesia.  She was extremely impressed with your system and the results she could see in his mouth.  Although some of his baby teeth had significant damage prior to starting your system, they are much stronger now and there is no sign of decay in his adult teeth!!! She's recommended an experienced preventative dentist for us and insisted that we tell him about our hygiene protocol.  She even e-mailed me the contact information for the parents of a four year old who she'd seen in her office.  They were very interested in talking to me about your approach. So, all in all I am an immensely relieved mother! Thank-you again for guiding us through this.

Not only are my teeth whiter, but they feel surreally clean. Sorry I can't type more, I'm on my mobile device and handling my 20 month old!

Since my primary concern was the size of the pockets that were developing in my mouth (which have been reduced, thanks to you) I never mentioned how my teeth and gums look.  I could tell after about a month that my gums were definitely getting pinker.  After about a month and a half, I thought my teeth were getting a bit whiter.  Not the bright white that I see some people have, but a definite progression away from the yellowish hue my teeth normally had. While I was someday hoping to possibly get my teeth whitened, it was never a major goal of mine.  I just wanted to be able to keep my teeth.  However, now that they are whitening on their own, I feel like I’m having my cake and eating it too (followed by a few Zellies)! Thanks again for all you do (and for this fantastic system). I've been on your program for about 2.5 years (full program with the correct rinses in correct order as well as xylitol). As a testament to your program, I missed two years of dentist appointments and, when I finally went yesterday, all I needed was a few stains removed! I have acid reflux and tons of stress, so I use your program to maintain my currently good oral health! Thank you again. Your system is amazing and far cheaper than dental problems!

I was really hoping I would be able to send you this Email, and it feels fantastic to finally be able to.  It was tough for me to have faith in something when everything else I’ve tried previously didn’t work.  Well, I’m so happy that I put my faith in you. Yesterday, I had my dentist appointment and I have to admit that while I was hoping for the best, I was expecting the worst.  To my relief, the depths of my “pockets” went down.  Both my dental hygienist and dentist were curious to know what I was doing different, since over the last two years, the pockets were getting worse and worse (even though I was flossing every day, brushing twice a day). Both of them said I should keep doing what I’m doing, and that they couldn’t wait to see how things were in 6 months (especially since I’d only been doing the new system for 1.5 months). Even as I’m writing, I have a few tears just thinking of all the fear and frustration I’ve had over this.  It wasn’t difficult to see that I would soon be losing my teeth, which I’ve tried so very hard to keep.  So, I want to extend my heart-felt thanks for all that you do.  Without you, I have no doubt that I would have lost my teeth in the next few years. I will tell everyone I know about your system.

I have been on your system for 5 months and am totally amazed with the results. I no longer have irritated gums that used to bother me on a daily basis even though I flossed and brushed 3 times a day and had dental cleanings every 4 months. My receding gums are also very much improved.  Thank you so much for your knowledge.

I have been using your system for about a week now and I am definitely impressed.  I was an avid flosser-and always got "stuff" from between my teeth.  Since I've been using your system, flossing is downright boring.  Nothing is between my teeth! 

MORE EXCELLENT NEWS! My husband went to his periodontist today for his 6-month checkup. He asked the hygienist how things were looking.  “Really good”, she replied, and commented on the fact that pockets that were previously in his gums had gone away. He had extensive gum surgery years ago to treat periodontal disease, and he had significant pockets, but today, everything seemed to be healthy. I think that the best part is that the periodontist came in at the end of the appointment. After looking around he said, “Your cleaning regimen seems to have improved.”  And of course, this is absolutely true! Thank you so much for being the Champion for dental health that you are!


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