Get a taste of the sweet life.
 Zellies and Xylitol

Zellies xylitol mints and xylitol gum are made with 100% xylitol, a naturally occurring substance that tastes like sugar, but has 40% less calories. Xylitol studies have shown that it can safely protect and strengthen teeth, prevent decay, and help heal early cavities. Eat delicious Zellies products with 100% xylitol and experience the difference:
  • Freshen your breath and remove bad bacteria
  • Make your mouth pH balanced
  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Moisten your mouth
  • Feel like you just left the dentist every day
How Many Zellies Do I Need?

The proven benefits of xylitol for teeth are seen when a minimum of 6.5 grams each day and at least five separate exposures to it. That’s as simple as enjoying 3-4 Zellies xylitol mints or gum after meals and snacks (12-20 Zellies each day) or 6-10 grams of granulated Xylitol (2-3 teaspoons).

Healthy bacteria will replace harmful bacteria and these friendly bacteria will protect your teeth.


Tooth Decay Process

  • Safe for all ages
  • Safe for diabetics – glycemic index of 7.0
  • One calorie
  • 0 net carbohydrates
  • 40% fewer calories than sugar
  • Pamphlet on Zellies


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